Joyce Muthoni: #FundingHack: Got a Big Business Idea? Here’s All You Need To Know About Funding Your Big Idea

#FundingHack: Got a Big Business Idea? Here’s All You Need To Know About Funding...

There are so many questions an entrepreneur asks themselves before taking the first step, but as the old saying goes, a journey of...
swahili words

Learn these Swahili words before your Kenyan safari

Swahili words to get you what you want in your Kenyan safari Karibu Kenya! These are the words you will hear when you cross the border...
back to school masks

Back to school: How to make the best mask for your child

Parents are preparing for school reopening, with some having already reported back from the COVID break. Measures to prevent COVID transmission at school Some of the...

What to do after rape

Rape is defined as unlawful intercourse with another person. It involves sex without the other person’s consent. Here is what to do after rape.

Things you should do for a happy & prosperous 2021

I wish you a happy & prosperous New Year! However, much of that happiness and prosperity will depend on you. Here are the do's and...
Vingunguti slaughterhouse

Dar es Salaam survival guide

Dar es Salaam city guide for visitors Dar es Salaam is a city that has been in existence for more than a century, with a...

How to Travel Cheap: Finding a Cheap Flight

H oliday season flights can be very expensive. Most tourists prefer to hire a travel agent to plan their holidays, but this convenience comes at...

4 ways to sanitise your groceries at home

Sanitising groceries at home is one of the ways to maintain good health.  Groceries nowadays come laced with very harmful chemicals and pesticides. When...