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COVID kills tourists, tour company owner during safari

37 out of 40 tourists have tested positive for COVID-19 during a safari. According to reports, majority of the tourists started feeling sick on day...

{OPINION} Is it worth checking facts, before we halve our food...

By Ojepat Okisegere, Farmer & CEO fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya There are a few areas of public statement where speakers are left entirely free...
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Will Kenya get drawn into Europe’s woes on bees?

{OPINION} Will Kenya get drawn into Europe’s woes on bees?

The world’s two main classes of bees, honey bees, which are cultivated commercially in hives, and wild bees, known in many regions as...
black friday sale

Where to get Black Friday 2022 deals in Kenya

Black Friday 2022 deals in Kenya Black Friday sales started early in Kenya, with most participating companies launching their campaigns as early as the beginning...
Amou Haji, World’s dirtiest man.

World’s dirtiest man who feared “getting sick” by taking a shower dies aged 94,...

World’s dirtiest man dies A man nicknamed the “world’s dirtiest man” for not taking a shower for more than half a century is dead. The...
Meet Manu Chandaria.

Meet Manu Chandaria: First African to Receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Hats off to Manu Chandaria Manu Chandaria, Kenyan businessman and philanthropist has become the first African to receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. The Chair and CEO,...
rigathi gachagua vs rigathi kiprono

Fact-check: Rigathi Kiprono’s photo is fake

A 1966 photo of Kenyan ex-president Moi’s family with a young  Rigathi Gachagua is altered A photo of former Kenyan President Daniel Moi’s family with...