A peek inside the number one hotel in the world found...

A luxury tented camp deep at the heart of the world-famed Maasai Mara Game Reserve has just been declared as the number one hotel...

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Welcome to Arusha, the land of the Maasai

In Tanzania, Arusha is known as the land of the Maasai. Due to the huge number of tourists visiting the town each year, the...

4 best beard oils for African men

Afro hair can be coarse and curly, making it uncomfortable to the owner as well as his princess.Whether you have a short or long...
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Housewife a full-time payable job in Kenya

A Kenyan judge has declared being a housewife a full-time job.High Court judge Teresia Matheka said that it was unfair for courts to rule...

‘Africa does not need charity’ DRC’s Tshisekedi declares to the world as 76th UNGA...

Dead Aid Africa does not need charity rather a win-win partnership and materialization of 'all the promises made to Africa' in compensation for the sacrifices...
Paul Rusesabagina being handed a medal by US former president George Bush . (KT press)

Rwanda slaps ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero with 25 years jail sentence

Hero turned terrorist Paul Rusesabagina, credited with saving hundreds of lives during the Rwandan 1994 genocide, is headed to prison where he is supposed to...
Kenya presidential election 2022

Kenya Presidential Election 2022: Who shall win?

Who will win Kenya Presidential Election 2022? Kenya's political scene is shrouded in uncertainty.From BBI nullification which would have brought major constitutional changes suspended by...
Angola's ex-president, dos Santos, jets back into the country for the first time since going on exile. (BBC)

Angola’s ex-president, dos Santos, jets back into the country for the first time since...

Back with a Bang? Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola's ex-president is back in the country for the first time since leaving power three years ago.The...