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Everything about your doing business in Africa and advancing your career. Get information about starting a business in Africa, options available, taxes and other regulations that affect business.


Ethiopia congratulates Africa for coordinating Free Trade Area

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Saturday stressed the importance of the African Free Trade Area and congratulated the countries of the continent for...
graduate trainee

Employment lessons for new graduates

What graduates should know before 1st job For the last three years, I have been interacting with business owners trying to solve various problems and...
voice search

Voice Technology: What your voice can do for you

The power of voice technology People naturally spend their time talking about themselves, research indicates. After they are tired of talking to themselves, the second most important...
business skills

10 business mistakes you should never make

Mistakes in business are inevitable. The first few years of business are actually for making mistakes. Whether you survive past the 5-year mark depends...
job search

Why you are failing in your job search

Job search is now easy even during COVID19 scourge The internet has made job search easier, simpler and quicker than before. The truth is, getting a...

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