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Kenya rocks as a tourist destination. Here’s why …

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Kenya got its name from Mt Kenya, one of the most popular hiking destinations in Africa. Tourists across the world make trips to the Maasai Mara to witness the Great Migration, but others visit various places across the country to enjoy different activities. Here are the reasons tourists love Kenya:

#1. Great Weather

Kenya is located along the equator and hence enjoys a tropical climate. There are more sunny days than rainy ones, with snow being witnessed occasionally only on Mount Kenya.

Coastal towns such as Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, and Diani are among the top tourist destinations in Kenya because of the humid and warm ocean breeze that has made many foreigners get stuck in Kenya. Some tourists become allergic to the cold weather back in their home countries after tasting the warm Kenyan weather. Even locals who find their way to the Coast rarely return to their villages. This has seen the Coast earn the name ‘Mombasa Raha’.

#2. Rich Culture

Maasai warriors are a national symbol by themselves. Brave, strong, tall Maasai men painted in red ore and wrestling lions to snatch prey from their jaws is all so popular.

The Maasai shuka is one of the souvenirs foreigners acquire as soon as they land in Kenya.

In addition, the Swahili, Turkana, and Kikuyu cultures are engraved everywhere in Kenyan history – from food to dressing, language, music, art, and even leadership.

Tourists love the diversity of the country’s culture which has been preserved in jewelry, music, business, clothing, books, paintings, carvings, and other works of art.

Besides, Kenyans are friendly and express unselfish concern for the welfare of others, making Kenya a fun place to be.

#3. Wildlife

Tourists get a chance to enjoy aerial views of the vast Nairobi National Park as they descend to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Nairobi National Park is the only national park in the world that is located in the city, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy scenic views of wildlife and game straight from their lodge balconies.

Giraffe Manor, which is near Nairobi National Park, gives you the opportunity to kiss or feed one, not forgetting the picturesque habitats in the Rift Valley, Mt Kenya, Isiolo, Mombasa among others.

#4. Scenic landscapes

In Kenya, tourists hike, camp, and enjoy great views of the country. You will come straight from Hell’s Gate into Heaven’s gate, and if you like, also get a chance to explore hidden gems such as Paradise Lost, The Devil’s kitchen, and many more.

Watamu, a little-known gem, is where everyone gathers at sunset to enjoy scenic views. Here, people walk straight into the ocean to enjoy a warm bath at sunrise, then come back in the evening to enjoy the sunkissed waters to mark the end of the day.

If underwater photography excites you, visit the parks in Lamu and Kwale to see the protected waters that host pure marine life as you also enjoy beach life. You can also enjoy snorkeling in Diani, Malindi and Mombasa.

In addition, Kericho tea farms, the escarpments in the rift valley, as well as waterfalls and caves around different tourist sites in Kenya will make your Kenyan safari worthwhile.

#5. Award-winning white sand beaches

Mombasa is a popular tourist destination, not because of the ocean, but because of the comfort it provides. There is a reef along the coast that protects Kenya and other East African countries from tsunamis, but this is not all.

Other than navigating the reef to enjoy marine life, you will also get the opportunity to enjoy a great time at the beach. Diani Beach has won several awards as a leading beach destination in Africa.

#6. La cuisine Kényane

You will always recognize Kenyans with their ugali, matumbo and kachumbari. Many tourists love this food which is a staple in most communities in Kenya.

Nyama choma is also a popular food in Kenya, not forgetting mokimo/irio, a Kikuyu delicacy that has taken global airwaves as part of the Kenyan Cuisine. Mutura and mahindi choma (roasted corn) are popular street foods that entice many tourists as well.

In addition, Tusker is the beer known to bring Kenyans together, and many tourists have to taste it as soon as they land even if it’s the beer for ‘baada ya kazi’ (after work). Kenyan coffee is also a known social drink that tourists buy as a souvenir.

#7. Well-developed infrastructure

The world has become a global village, and nobody wants to be disconnected from their friends while globetrotting. No matter how glamorous a destination is, if it lacks basic amenities, people will keep off.

Kenya has made great strides in developing infrastructure, which has, in turn, attracted many tourists. The Government of Kenya has invested in ensuring that the national parks are accessible, well-maintained, and have good facilities that make tourists feel comfortable. Tour guide companies are excellent, banking services solid, security sufficient and telecoms top notch.

Mobile money technology originated from Kenya, and today many business tourists come to the country to learn about M-Pesa and how they can incorporate the technology into their innovations. In addition, Kenya is among the top 3 African countries with fast internet speeds, with an internet connection to your house taking just a few minutes to a few hours.

#8. Athletics

Eliud Kipchoge, David Rudisha, Paul Tergat, Catherine Ndereba, Kipchoge Keino, Vivian Cheruiyot, Tegla Loroupe, Julius Yego …. These are just but a few of the biggest names in the global Olympics, all of which are Kenyan! Kenya has produced many stars, even in football. Athletics has won it all, with many aspiring athletes visiting the country to train in Iten. Standing at an altitude of 2400 meters, Iten offers the right environment for world runners, triathletes and mountain bikers. Most world record holders have trained here, earning the place the name ‘Home of Champions‘.

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