traditional south african drinks

Drinks you should try when visiting South Africa

Traditional South African drinks to try South Africa is known for its wines and craft beer. However, there are amazing alcoholic and non alcoholic traditional...

Top 12 moisturizers for a glowing, softer, younger skin

Top 12 moisturizers for a tender, glowing skin Moisturizers come in the form of serums, essences, gels, lotions and mists. To know which moisturizer is...

5 Foods you should try in Senegal

Senegal is a West African country located at the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Fishing is one of the chief economic activities, and fish,...
fish and ugali

5 foods you should try in Kendu Bay

What to eat in Kendu Bay Town My wanderlust recently led me to Kendu Bay town, which is nestled in the vibrant Homabay county. While...
Sheu Morobi cliff

Elderly Nandis commit suicide to leave room for young people

In Nandi Hills, there is a deep cliff called Sheu Morobi where the elderly commit mass suicide. This event was accompanied by a ceremony called...
back to school masks

Back to school: How to make the best mask for your child

Parents are preparing for school reopening, with some having already reported back from the COVID break. Measures to prevent COVID transmission at school Some of the...

Africa’s Biggest trauma ward empty after ban on beer

Africa’s biggest hospital, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, South Africa, posted pictures on its Facebook page this morning of a near-empty trauma unit. Trauma...

Social Distancing: How to stay fit at home

How can you stay fit while observing social distancing? Gym and work out have been part of our lives, and the majority of people...

How to spot artificially ripened mangoes

Greedy traders in Kenya have flooded the market with artificially ripened mangoes, bananas, apples and pawpaws. Chances are high that the fruits you have been...
beard oil

4 best beard oils for African men

Afro hair can be coarse and curly, making it uncomfortable to the owner as well as his princess. Whether you have a short or long...

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