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Back to school: How to make the best mask for your child

back to school masks
Effective fabrics for anti-covid school masks

Parents are preparing for school reopening, with some having already reported back from the COVID break.

Measures to prevent COVID transmission at school

Some of the measures taken to protect students from COVID 19 is providing enough taps for handwashing as well as ensuring they have an adequate supply of masks to prevent transmission.

Surgical masks may not be practical in boarding schools, and most schools have asked students to report with reusable masks.

Fabric masks that offer up to 99 % protection

However, following reports that fabric masks were the least effective, most people are wondering who is going to keep their children safe.

Faith will play a major role just as it has for the continent during the past 9 or so months of containing the pandemic.

Nevertheless, recent research shows that not all fabric masks are bad. The level of protection you get from your reusable mask depends on the type of fabric you use.

Various tests have proven that fabrics that have a thread count of at least 600 threads per square inch can offer up to 99 percent protection.

Natural silk, chiffon, flannel, and tightly woven cotton are said to be ideal for anti-COVID 19 mask sewing projects at home.

For best results, you need to combine two of these fabrics to produce an electrostatic layer that has been found to be as efficient as N95.

To make your masks, you need to take ear-to-ear measurements, and chin-to-bridge-of-the-nose measurements.

Some people use a circle while others use a rectangle to make masks. I have failed terribly in all my rectangular based mask patterns, but cylindrical-based patterns have worked perfectly.

Alternatively, you can make your mask with any fabric you are comfortable with and insert a HEPA filter in the middle to purify air.

Step-by-step guide on how to make a mask

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