Home Relationships Ear licking: Why Kenyan men love to lick your ears

Ear licking: Why Kenyan men love to lick your ears

ear licking

How to make ear licking part of foreplay

The earlobe is one of the hidden erogenous zones in men and women.

The sensitive skin on the outside and the hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside make the earlobe sensitive to touch, nibbling, kissing, licking, and even whispering.

Tips for great aural action

Ear licking has formed an integral part of foreplay. Try the tips below for some great aural action:
1. Take turns to massage each other’s ears by rubbing the earlobes with the thumb or pointer finger in a circular motion.
2. Rub the backside of the ear paying attention to the ridge above the auditory canal
3. Massage the area around the vagus nerve, which connects your ear to the heart, genitals, and nipples. Do this by gently inserting your finger into the ear with the thumb pointing downward, and then rub it in an arc.
4. Lick the outer part of the earlobes
5. Nibble the earlobes

If your partner is a hard knock, take advantage of the sensory receptors by;
1. Whispering
2. Lightly blowing into their ear for a more tingly feel

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To reciprocate, men appreciate it if you talk dirty. This does not mean you insult but arouse him with naughty words of encouragement, telling him how you feel.

What if my partner has dirty ears?

Imagine licking your partner’s ears only to come out with the bitter taste of wax. Dirty ears are a major turn-off for men.

As you focus on cleaning other parts of the body, your ears should be top on the list.

Here are some tips;
1. Clean the outside of your ear with a damp cloth
2. If you use cotton swabs, ensure that you do not insert them into the ear canal
3. You can use an earwax softener to soften earwax for easier removal.

Do you enjoy ear licking, and what is your favorite trick? Share in the comments section.