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Tips to enrich your work-at-home experience

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Working remotely? Do this to enrich your work-at-home experience

Remote work is a blessing in disguise. However, for some people, work-at-home opportunities come with a myriad of challenges. Social isolation, low productivity, and the tendency to overwork are some of the problems associated with work-at-home. This guide will help you remain productive as well as have fun while working at home.

Follow a strict work schedule

Do you work from 9-5? Many people tend to overwork when working from home because they do not have a schedule. Create a schedule. Wake up early as if reporting to a physical office. Meditate. Exercise. Take a shower. Take breakfast. Sit down at your workstation in time. Work hard until 5. Close your computer in time and remember to make your home office comfortable, and take your lunch breaks.

Make every day a Friday

Remote work saves you the time you would have spent commuting to work. What do you do with the extra time in the evening? Well, you can spend your evening meeting friends or new people around. Save yourself from depression, go out, and meet your friends. If your friends are not available, make new friends in the neighbourhood. Meet for a coffee in the evening after work. A walking distance. Remember, don’t ask for fare. And pay for your coffee.

TGIF! Pack and move to another city

You are working from home. You do not need to go to the office. Just showing up at work remotely, collaborating with your team, and meeting the day’s targets. All you need is a stable internet connection. If you follow the tips above, you can even go a little bit further and work away from home!

It’s Friday, and there is no work tomorrow. Pack your bags and move to another city. Repeat the schedule above. Explore the city and meet new people there. Enjoy your life. The following week, move to the next city, and then the next. Keep moving, do not stop. But remember to show up for work in time and be home when it matters.

Work out daily

Mobile apps have made it possible to engage in highly rewarding home workouts. Just because you are working from home does not mean you do not need to be fit. If you do not work out, you will begin to slow down. You will be left with the fun but no work!

Check out these awesome home workout apps that I use and pick one that appeals to you. Remember, gyms are also open and a session in a clean gym is only $5-10! If you are living remotely like me, talk to the gym managers for a weekly plan before you move to the next town.

Get a daily dose of fresh air and sun

Do not get used to living within confined spaces. It is not good for your health. If you have to, put up a shade on the balcony. Sit there for at least 30 minutes enjoying the sun. Breath fresh air. Stay healthy. This will save you the money you would have spent buying Vitamin D supplements for protection against Covid-19.

Attend online events

In the wake of Covid, a lot of people and organisations are conducting events online. A book club meeting. Coaching session. Webinars. Attend all of them, get to know important people, learn something new in the process.

Do not forget your hobbies

Your hobbies are important. Even the workaholic sometimes gets burnout. Learn to live a balanced life. Every. Single. Day. During your free time, do the things that you love.

Read a book. Watch a movie. Chat with people on social media. Listen to music. Go out for a drink with friends. Take a dance class. The list is endless…

Most importantly, do ensure to do something you love that is not work.

Keep in touch with friends

Yes, friends keep you going in times of need. Do not ignore your real friends. Call a friend daily. It is good for your health. If you do not have friends, now is the time to make some.

How are you enriching your work-at-home experience? Share your experience on [email protected]

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