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Chef innovates new energy-efficient brick oven for a healthy roast

chef innovates brick oven

When Chef Bob started his career as a GSU officer, he did not envision himself fishing and mixing herbs in the kitchen or innovating a brick oven.

Over the years, he has made his name as a renowned fishmonger and chef.

If you were a fan of nyama choma at Muthiga’s Choma zone along Waiyaki way, you must have come across his finger-licking roasts.

His delectable breadcrumb-coated fish fingers are a known gastronomical delight.

So on this day, I get a message from a fellow management scientist who practices as an accountant saying that they are unveiling a new innovation.

After getting the details, I pick my son who had come for his midterm break so we could go and meet the innovators.

A chef and an accountant.

When we get to Bob’s Bistro, they are just removing the fish from the brick oven.

The marinated goat and roasted plantains are already done and ready for tasting.

The first fruit of Bob’s invention.

Bob says that in his 25 years of cooking as a professional chef, he has seen many prominent people get lifestyle diseases because of the way their choma was done. This is why he decided to come up with the brick oven.

“Imagine that meat is roasted in the open. There is dust, unhygienic touching, and everyone wants to taste. Then it is in direct contact with the charcoal so it gets mixed up with all that smoke.”

He uses fireproof cement, brick, and galvanized steel to make his energy-efficient brick oven. All smoke is directed to the chimney, and the excess heat can be used to heat water.

Bob was a GSU officer before he decided to become a chef. He has cooked for the late retired President Daniel Arap Moi, and now runs his own cafes in Ndeiya.

Here is one of his nyama choma zones on Waiyaki Way.

We shall be tracking his journey from the military to the kitchen and show you how he mixes his ingredients to bring out that unique taste that keeps his customers hooked.

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