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Black Food Festival back in Nairobi with a bang

Black Food Festival. (George Tubei)

Here comes Black Food Festival

Food lovers in the ‘city in the sun’ have a reason to smile from ear to ear as one of the most unique food festivals in the world is coming to Nairobi.

Black Food Festival is set to be held in Nairobi for the second time after last year’s event was put off due to Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Black treats’ like never seen before

Black Food Festival

The festival will not only display local black foods and drinks but also offer a platform for local designers and budding creatives to showcase their black designs, fashion items, accessories and eye catching decorations never seen before.

During the festival Kenyans can be sure to enjoy black pizza, black chocolate, black beer, coffee and lots of black treats.

Once you go black you never go back

Regina Boros, Black Food Festival Founder.

Black Food Festival like many great things, started from a simple idea in 2016. Founder Regina Boros, a food enthusiast and food blogger from Budapest, Hungary, wanted to create a space for culinary creatives to experiment with flavours, ingredients, in a like-minded environment. After some planning and fine-tuning, the first Black Food Festival popped up in November 2018 in Budapest, to a huge success. The idea took off and Black Food Festival has since been held in over 20 cities across the globe.

Pamellah Oduor, the Founder of Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals Facebook Group has played a leading role in bringing the event to Nairobi. Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals is one of the most popular and active Kenyan Facebook groups in Kenya where food is the only tribe and hot topic of discussion. So impactful has the group been that it won Facebook’s Community Leadership Program in 2018.

Black Food Festival

See you on 18th Dec

The festival will be held on 18th December at Bellevue Primary School in South C, Nairobi.

Contrary to popular beliefs, black food is very healthy and indeed some of the most sought after ingredients across the world are black: from the finest coffee, decadent dark chocolate, luscious black berries, to traditional balsamic vinegar that has been made for centuries using traditional methods.

Black Food Festival

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