Top 12 moisturizers for a glowing, softer, younger skin

Top 12 moisturizers for a tender, glowing skin Moisturizers come in the form of serums, essences, gels, lotions and mists. To know which moisturizer is...
Namib desert

5 top reasons why Namibia should be part of your African safari

Namibia is a country that is located on the Southwestern coast of Africa, and borders Angola to the north, Zambia to the northeast, Botswana...

5 Foods you should try in Senegal

Senegal is a West African country located at the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Fishing is one of the chief economic activities, and fish,...

8 things that kill SMEs

Everybody who builds a new company hopes that it will live to serve them and future generations. Nobody builds a company with the intention...
fish and ugali

5 foods you should try in Kendu Bay

What to eat in Kendu Bay Town My wanderlust recently led me to Kendu Bay town, which is nestled in the vibrant Homabay county. While...
back to school masks

Back to school: How to make the best mask for your child

Parents are preparing for school reopening, with some having already reported back from the COVID break. Measures to prevent COVID transmission at school Some of the...

Things you should do for a happy & prosperous 2021

I wish you a happy & prosperous New Year!However, much of that happiness and prosperity will depend on you. Here are the do's and...
Njombe Forest

10 little known gems in Tanzania

10 less-known tourist attractions in Tanzania Tanzania is fast bouncing back from the COVID-19 economic crisis to one of the most visited countries in the...
fresh sardines

Why is my Omena bitter?

What makes omena bitter, and how to have tasty sardines Omena is a  major delicacy in Kenya and a staple food in Luo Nyanza, especially...
job search

Why you are failing in your job search

Job search is now easy even during COVID19 scourge The internet has made job search easier, simpler and quicker than before. The truth is, getting a...

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